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This website was started during June 2001 to document the progress that my investing partner, Doug Weimer and I made in our attempts to "Beat the Market". Another purpose was to give anyone who claimed to be outperforming an index an opportunity to show the world exactly what they were doing. For more go to Model Portfolios

There are essentially two schools of investing:

1. Active Investing:

The manager of the portfolio makes specific investments with the goal of outperforming an investment index.

It is reasonably well known that it is extremely difficult to beat the risk adjusted return of an appropriate index. In spite of that fact, many investors try, probably because we humans have been programmed to believe we can beat the odds, even though that belief fails the simplest test of logic imaginable. Relatively few of us succeed over a short run of ten or so years, and even fewer succeed over longer periods.

Over the 14 year period ending June 30, 2015 the WEIMERandWIRTH newsletter had a remarkable total return of 1,678% or an annual return of 22.8%

Go to WEIMERandWIRTH for a brief history and description.

2. Passive Investing:

The manager of the portfolio replicates the returns of that index as closely as possible.

Regardless of whether or not it's possible to beat the market over a long run of more than ten years, it's probably pretty safe to say that it can't be done without a considerable amount of luck.

I have included a page on asset allocation using index funds because, in my opinion, this is a strategy that will outperform the market on a risk adjusted basis over a long run of more than ten years, and luck is not a factor.

For more go to Index Funds and Asset Allocation.

I have also included a section on the Fed Stock Model and have explained how this information may be used to add value to a portfolio. A section on Gold has been included because it may be of general interest.


1. The returns shown for WEIMERandWIRTH are returns that would have been realized if transactions had been executed on the first trading day after the recommendations were made to WEIMERandWIRTH subscribers.

2. Average Transaction Costs of approximately 0.5% are included in all WEIMERandWIRTH returns.

3. Henry Wirth is not a registered investment adviser nor is he a broker or dealer.


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